Wednesday, November 19, 2008

About me

I have too many interests. Really. There is not enough time in the day. I was the kid in 4-H who took 15 different projects just because I couldn't decide on a specialty (plus I wanted to make as much money as I could come fair time :). My mom and dad both had so much they could help me with, so why not try it all? I love to garden, sew, woodwork, cook, bake, craft, etc. I am wife to Mark (an amazing teacher and coach), mother to three wonderful daughters, and in love with Jesus. I have dozens of different projects (and books) started and much too little free time to finsh them all! Let's see what I can share!

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  1. Sarah, Not only are you creative, you are clever. Have you thought about going into marketing? "I blame my mother" is probably the most used excuse for why people are the way they are. Thanks for your sense of humor and for putting a postive spin on this well-worn phrase. Whatever seeds I planted you are sure making them grow so beautifully. Much love, Mom