Monday, October 10, 2011

Box Tops Marketplace

As a parent you are busier than ever now that school is in full swing.  Along with a new schedule, homework, extra curricular activities, and projects have all been added to the calendar. Now that everything is running smoothly, did you realize Halloween is coming up quickly?  There are costumes to plan, treats to purchase, decorations to hang, and teacher gifts to make.  It’s fun to do it all, but, with no extra time, things can get a little stressful.  Shopping at the Box Tops Marketplace can help out.  Did you know you can earn eBox Tops while shopping online at over 100 of your favorite stores? It's easy to do and fits into whatever time you have available. 

I shopped at several different stores and it was remarkably easy. At Wal-Mart I found all different shapes and sizes of canning jars and candy to make teacher gifts.  I also selected several books from their wide selection, as I have been known to trade books for the Halloween candy the first few days after trick-or-treating.  I used the in-store pick up option because the canning jars are heavy and I could choose to have everything shipped to the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market close to my home.  Costume planning at our house revolves around using existing outfits in the dress up clothes bin.  The girls get much more excited about purchasing accessories they can use all year, instead of new costumes they might wear once.  They found some accessories such as bracelets, socks, and leggings at Kohl’s to go with their outfits.  To shop, log into the Box Tops for Education site, go to the Marketplace, find your favorite retailer, and the rest is completed at that retailer's site just like regular on-line shopping.  Some stores even have the option of in-store pick up to save on shipping costs.  Even better, after verification, the eBox Tops are added to the Box Tops account of the school of your choice.  

eBoxTops Website Badge, used to promote online shopping and earning eBoxTops for your school.

The variety of merchandise offered at the retailers is vast.  I often hear from parents they don't buy items with Box Tops or, if they do, they have a hard time remembering to clip the Box Tops (let alone send them in).  With eBox Tops you can buy any item the store offers and there is no clipping, they are automatically added to your school’s account.  With a few extra clicks you are on your way to helping the school of your choice earn even more money for the projects it needs.  By making the Box Tops marketplace page your home shopping page you will remember this useful resource next time you shop online.

Disclosure: Box Tops for Education provided me with gift cards for the opportunity to shop the Marketplace and give my honest opinion of the service.

Check out our traveling Box Tops trophy!

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