Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Scarlett's 3rd Birthday

 She wanted a turtle birthday.  I made this small turtle cake, which I was going to put on the bigger cake but way afraid that the weight of it would collapse the big cake.  I was too lazy to put in supports.  And the thing is, kids just don't care.  They love it no matter what the grand plan was supposed to be.  The big cake (especially made for the adults) was this AMAZING summer-y recipe for Strawberry-Lime Cream Cake.  Seriously awesome.  Seriously. Best cake ever.

Emma with her baby lizard earring.

Cheese all around!

We got her roller skates and a friend got her knee and elbow pads.  She looks like she's ready for roller derby :)

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  1. Very cute! I made my first fondant covered cakes last Saturday. I posted a picture of it on my meal plan. Let me know what you think. Your cakes are always so pretty! I need help with the bottom edge of the fondant. It keeps wrinkling...maybe I'm working too fast???