Thursday, June 23, 2011

General Mills Photography Studio

When I was at General Mills World Headquarters for the Box Tops University, they gave us a behind the scenes tour of their photography studios.  What a cool look at how it all happens.  They have several kitchens, each a different style.  They are all set up like residential kitchens (I wish) and when they make the products for the photo session this where they are prepared, so that they are using the same tools that the consumer would use. 

There were several carts set up for upcoming shoots where the dishes and accessories are selected and prepped by a food stylist.

What a fun job that would be!  Such great detail is put into each shoot.

The prop rooms are amazing.  A ton of whatever you need in a variety of different colors.  I should have taken more pictures because it's fun to see the huge variety they have to choose from.  I love color, so the endless shelves of colorful dishes had me drooling.  Everything is sorted by item and then by color.  Beautiful.

A cupcake shoot was taking place and they must have taken hundreds of pictures of these little guys.  I wish I knew more about photography.  I would someday like to graduate from my little point and shoot camera.  It's such a fun art!

Thank you to General Mills for providing my travel and lodging accommodations!

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