Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Good Way

The One-Day Way, by Chantel Hobbs is so simple but so correct. It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday or what you plan on doing tomorrow to make your life better. The choices you make right now are what is going to make you successful. We usually make lofty long term weight loss goals, where we should be seeing our goals achieved one day at a time.

Chantel was overweight at one time and when she finally reached her breaking point she was able to break the bad habits and make new ones. First you must deconstruct what unhealthy habits you have acquired and the way of thinking that led to this path. Next, a vision needs to be created on what you want to look like on the inside and outside. From there you will build your new mind set on the levels of faith, food, and fitness. Chantel guides you through these steps quickly and easily.

Two things that really make this book different are the first day fast and the daily challenges. She points out, like everyone should know, by consuming fewer calories than you burn, and exercise is essential for heart health and core strength. Not rocket science. The first day fast is used to let the dust settle, give you a clear mind and let you focus on spiritual strength. She does not advocate fasting for weight loss but rather to regain perspective. She also advises a one meal fast each week. The daily challenges are great for competitive people and those who need to see successes each day and right away. They can be food challenges, such as going the day without sweets, or eating only veggies for snacks. Examples of daily faith and fitness challenges are also included.

Meal plans for weight loss (1,400 to 1,600 calories) and maintenance (2,000 calories) are included and are made up of meals that are easy, readily available, and inexpensive. A strength-training workout is included that uses minimal equipment (medicine ball and resistance band).
The book is a good resource for someone trying to loose weight without a fad diet, which means you really need to change your habits and work at it! There is no magic solution, The One-Day Way produces lasting results by taking you back to the basics.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group through Blogging for Books.

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