Friday, February 26, 2010

Some of My Faves Right Now

If you live in an area that has Publix Grocery Stores you should check out this hummus. Great with veggies and pita chips! SO GOOD. I've also found that sprinkling Penzy's Pizza seasoning over plain hummus is delicious.

I have made THESE baked sweet potato fries 6 times in the past three weeks. Can't. Stop. Making. Them....even though nobody in the house eats them but me. I found them through Food Network Chefs Cooking Challenge (I didn't choose to make them but two other participants did and I'm so happy they did!). They are amazing! The avocado dip was good but not essential. I threw some onions in with this last batch and they tasted a little like onion rings. The fries are good and good for you. Like nothing sweet potato I've made before. Spicy!
Enjoy these random food tidbits. I just needed to tell someone :)


  1. I love those baked sweet potato fries too. I think the avocado dip would be good on potato chips too for some reason.

  2. Oh I love sweet potato fries! I will have to try this recipe. I could eat nothing but sweet potato all day long

  3. How funny, yes those fries are so good, I just love the seasoning on them, and the avocado dip, yum. I almost made these last night, but I think they will be on the menu soon.

  4. I love publix :) one less than 5 mins from my house!!