Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sock Monkey Family

After 3 children we have finally learned that babies 1. can't open presents, 2. don't care that they get anything for Christmas, and 3. would be perfectly happy with the box that your present came in. Therefore, while not wanting to completely leave Scarlett out of gifts, I decided to make her a sock monkey.

I can copy almost anything. I would love to say I'm wonerfully creative but I often get my crafty ideas elsewhere. After seeing several adorable sock monkeys on, and not wanting to spend the money on them, I set out to make my own. They have great instructions here (although I modified mine a bit to make them my own).

Now be assured that Scarlett will have plenty of presents under the tree (we have lots of great family) just one really cool sock monkey made with love from her mommy!

WARNING: They multiply! When one child sees the sock monkey that mommy is making for her sister she will ask for one as well. I have ended up with one for each girl (upon request) and have one in the works for a little friend down the street that saw them in production!


  1. Too cute! I really like the pink and white striped one. :)


  2. The monkey idea is so cute (and so are your little ones)! For some reason I couldn't get the link to the instructions to work. What is the address?

  3. Those are so cute! Oh, how I wish I could sew...