Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jamaican Mission Trip

It's been a week since we have returned from Jamaica and I still haven't processed it all.   I laugh.  I cry.  I long to go back to help.  I saw Jesus daily, which reminds me to keep my eyes wide open here.  It's hard to find the words to explain what took place while we were there.  The best way to find out is to go.  Go on a foreign mission trip.  I know there are plenty of needs here in the US, and we should be working every day where we are to help those around us, but to take yourself out of your comfort zone and be planted in a place where things are most definitely different will broaden your faith.  I encourage you to pray about a future distributed journey. 

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  1. That is so cool!!! I'd love to go on a mission trip someday.