Thursday, March 8, 2012

Random Things

Have you seen this sidewalk chalk idea?  We had a bunch of fun with it.

This is my solution for making 2 lasagnas (1 to freeze) for a family with completely different preferences.  It works out well, not difficult, and everyone is happy.  You will notice my side (feeding 1) is the same size as the other side (feeding 4) because I am the cook and I make the rules (LOL - or I am the one that will eat leftovers, especially when its spinach lasagna!).

Scarlett had Wacky Wednesday at school a few weeks ago.  It's one of my favorite days.  This is some of the outfit that Lexi wore when it was her Wacky Wednesday a few years back. 

 Here is Lexi in 2009 :)  LOVE LOVE LOVE

Emma got braces and opted for orange and blue rubber bands (Go Gators!).

Mark took the girls to the Daddy Daughter Dance at our church which is one of the highlights of every one's year.  I took that opportunity to make this....

Which is made out of this...

Yes, I tried the cauliflower pizza crust.  I was home alone.  I was skeptical but it was amazing! I topped half with pesto and half with tomato sauce. Both sides were excellent.  I used THIS recipe with a little adaptation (Penzey's pizza spice and regular goat cheese).  Very, very good.  I will make it again.

Anything new with you??

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  1. That pizza is really interesting! I'm gonna put it on my list. And I love your "rules" for making lasagna :)