Monday, November 28, 2011

Paperback Book Christmas Trees


I made pumpkins out of paperback books, so why not Christmas Trees??  Same principle.  Cut half of a tree shape all the way through the book.  Glue covers together.  This time I splurged for spray paint, with the pumpkins I painted on acrylic paint and it worked well.  I used glue, white embossing powder, and glitter for the snow.  The star toppers were in the miniatures section at Michael's.  I wrapped wire around their bottoms and stuck the wire down the hole in the middle of the tree.  The tall one in the back I glued a round chop stick in the middle when I glued the covers together.  I need to find a cute little jar, fill it with Epsom salt for the snowy look,  paint the chop stick dark brown and stick the tree in.

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