Friday, October 7, 2011

YoYo Painting and Fall Bulletin Board

When I first started my blog I featured Yo-Yo painting.  Cut off a leg of a nylon, fill the bottom with dried beans, tie it off, stick it in paint and bounce it off the paper in a yo-yo motion.  The girls loved it and just recently asked to do it again.  In the picture above they are making a friend a very large birthday card.

On a side note, the Yo-Yo painter is much easier to clean than I expected.  Just rinse and you are ready for the next time.

I then took this method of painting to class and they LOVED it and asked to do it again the very next day.  I took a piece of bulletin board paper big enough that everyone in class could stand around the perimeter.  One person yo-yo painted for a little while and passed it to the next person.  Each different round we used a different color and each person filled in the space right in front of them.  I then incorporated the paper into my fall bulletin board as the fall leaves.

See the dotty texture?  It worked perfectly and the kids are still asking to do this kind of painting again.    What are your fall bulletin board ideas?


  1. your bulletin board is amazing. One thing I never liked doing when I taught.

  2. Love your 3-d pumpkins. So pretty and fall-ish :)

    1. I love your pumpkins! how did you make them?

  3. Love the idea! How did you make the pumpkins?