Sunday, October 16, 2011


My husband and I are away for the weekend.  He is playing in a tournament so it's almost like a weekend alone.  I have absolutely no problem with this.  I ENJOY spending some time All. By. Myself.  It's so quiet. 

Is it a bad thing to go to the Farmer's Market and only come home with cupcakes and kettle corn?  Kettle corn is the ultimate snack for a sweet/salty eater like me.The cupcake was a pumpkin pie cupcake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting from Sugar Island Cupcakes.  I have been looking for a recipe for something similar and cannot wait to try these.  Moist and fall-ish.  I'm thinking they should be my contribution to Thanksgiving.

There is a little place in Punta Gorda called Pies & Plates that has the most unique sandwiches, salads, bakery items.  I got the Mama Mia Panini, which was fresh focaccia stuffed with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, and pesto, and savored every bite.  Wow.  Mark had a sandwhich as well but for his side he chose chips and dip.  Dip.  I have never heard of another place that had dip with their chips.  I hadn't thought of it before, but that is a no brainer.   I haven't eaten the Salty Dog Ooey Gooey Butter Cake yet.  I'm thinking breakfast.

I picked up some sushi from Publix for dinner - Ultimate Chili Roll with tuna and salmon.  Hmmmmm, maybe my weekends away focus too much on food :)

I watched the new TV show Last Man Standing with Tim Allen.  Funny.  So funny.  I can watch it online along with Modern Family.  Can I fit in 2 shows per week?  I'll try.

I counted Box Tops last night and this morning.  5067 Box Tops.  Hooray (but am over counting and bundling).  I really need to ask for help with this next time.  Box Tops Counting Club anyone?

I finally went through some of my cooking magazines and brought all the fall issues to browse.  I never use these.  I forget.   I have a "to-cook" file that is overflowing and my magazines are not ever in there.  I need a better system (or need to vow not to print out anymore recipes until I get through some of them).  Darn you food blogs with awesome photography (honestly, the pictures hook me).

(My husband, the English teacher, says I use too many parenthesis.) 

Is it weird that I want to go see Footloose?  One summer I watched the original about 100 times.  Those were the days - LOL.

Looking for a REALLY IN DEPTH Bible study?  I crave this sort of meaningful study and have been disappointed by far too many studies that only skim the surface.  My small group is just starting on the Luke sermon series by Pastor Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Church.  This is the real thing.   It's a three year study of Luke.  What a gift and blessing it is.  Check it out.  It's free, all online, printable resources for a family group or a small group.  You can do it at your own pace.  It is well worth your time.

I find that one day of peace and quiet is enough to refresh me.  We are now on day two and I cannot wait to get home to the blissful chaos that is likely to ensue.


  1. But I thought all the best writers broke the grammatical rules? No? Lol just use a parenthetical remark instead and the print out a poem by e. e. cummings :)

  2. Kim, parenthetical remark - ee cummings, I have no idea what you are talkin' about....I'm just a science teacher :)

  3. LOL! oh... yes... sorry ... parenthetical remark is a longer "-" symbol and a definition of e.e. cummings:

    1. A poet of the early twentieth century who frequently used unconventional capitalization, spelling, and grammar within his poems.

  4. Your farmers market comment made me laugh. I go to health food stores and often come home with junk lol