Saturday, May 21, 2011

What Fun! Box Tops! Do You Collect?

I want your help! I was asked to attend the national Box Top University as a blogger attendee. What is so cool about that is that I am the PTA Box Top Coordinator at the girl's school - which the General Mills people didn't know before they invited me. What is also cool is that they were going to fly me up there to attend. And what is ironic, is that I will already be up there visiting family. I couldn't convince my husband that it was a good idea for me to fly and for him to drive up there with the girls. Where's the love? Of course I am kidding, no spouse would ever ask that in all seriousness!

So what I need to know from you.....Are you involved in the Box Top for Education program in your school, and if so, what cool ways do they promote the program? Would you send me your box tops if I sent you a SASE? LOL - Box Top Coordinators will try to get them however possible :)

Anyone? Anyone?? Thanks in advance!


  1. I collect them for my cousin. They use them to fund the music program at the school where she is the music teacher. I have also wondered how to get her more box tops.

  2. This year was my first year as coordinator. I only had three contests, Jamba Juice, Whale Scarves (I made these by hand....we're the Whales) and an end of the year party. The winning class got $75 to spend how they wanted.

    Next year I'll do a graduated prize structure. This allows more classes to win. After a class turns in 100, they'll get tatoos. After 250 some sort of small whale stuffed animal. After 350 a Chili's gift certificate for a kid's meal. And it goes on.

    If the school hits 40,000, our principal will have a personal crazy hair day by dying her hair blue and making it wild. This is pretty big for her.

    I begin the school year with a Jamba Juice contest. The class who brings in the most Box Tops the first three weeks of school gets a small Jamba Juice at lunch. This encourages folks to keep clipping over the summer.

    I'll also begin a traveling trophy. Each month the class that brings in the most BT's will get to have the trophy in their room. This will be posted on the web site.

    As for communications, we have a weekly "What you need to know" newsletter which the current standings are posted. We also have a Facebook page, my own Box Tops web page (will be implimented over the summer) and a school Yahoo group.

    Our funds are put into our general fund which pays for all the extras, art, science, technology, etc.

  3. I love the above ideas! I find that with any fundraiser, parents get more behind it when they know a specific place the money is going to. Hopefully this year ours will be ble to fund books for the library and AR tests. Funds are being cut in these areas so it would work well!

  4. Oh how awesome. I'm so jealous - I've done Box Tops (and eScrip and LFE and and and and), and it's amazing how much there is out there.

    We can do a whole school ice cream party if we reach our goal, but no competitions per the principal, boo!

    That said, we got the food pantry we support to pass out baggies to the families asking them to cut out the labels and return them as "thanks" for us stocking the shelves - since we can't cut them prior to handing them out ;)
    Oh, and we pull the labels off all the supplies from the school supply kits at the beginning of the year (Kleenex, Avery binders, etc).

    Gotta love the traditional thermometers and such for goal keeping.

    Have FUN!

  5. How fun.. I will be going, too :-) Thanks for the visit over at 2Boys+1Girl=OneCrazyMom.. can't wait to meet you :-)
    Super excited
    Melanie a/k/a Crazy Mom

  6. Hey I stumpled on your blog for the first time today. I love finding other blogging BTFE moms!! If you don't mind sharing, How did you go about get BTFE to contact you to attend NBTU? I've also seen other sites with the BTFE blog ambassador badge. Do you remember where you sign up for that. I wasn't able to find anything online. :-)

    - BTFE Crazy Mom
    (theswagmom at gmail dot com)