Friday, May 14, 2010

Frozen Fruit Roll Ups

What works for me is an easy nutritious breakfast. If you haven't checked out Once a Month Mom, you really need to. While I am not yet on board to cook a entire months worth of meals at a time, she has great freezer recipes. We tried two breakfasts and they are both a hit! I felt the need to turn you on to this site :)

These are the Fruity Breakfast Burritos that are easy enough for your kids to make and are a big hit in my house. Author/Source:
Tricia @

10 flour tortillas, small
1.25 cups vanilla (or fruit flavored) yogurt
8 oz DOLE frozen blueberries (or sub .5 pints fresh)
8 oz DOLE frozen raspberries (or sub .5 pints fresh)
.5 cups sugar
1 Tablespoon cinnamon
Spray butter (I used real butter spread on very thin)

In a small bowl, mix the sugar and cinnamon well. Pour it out on a large plate. Set aside. Spray one side of each of the tortillas with butter, coating the entire surface. Flip the tortilla over, butter side down, on the cinnamon sugar mixture. Push it in until the entire surface is covered in cinnamon and sugar.

Place the sugar covered tortilla on another plate, cinnamon/sugar side down. Measure .125 (1/8 cup) cups of yogurt and spread across the tortilla a little left of center (see pictures below). Place fruit on the yogurt strip. Wrap the tortillas tightly from left to right. Place on a cookie sheet to flash freeze. When completely frozen through, place in a zippered freezer bag for storage. I cut mine in half at this point.

To serve: Take out of the bag and eat immediately. If you would like you could also let them thaw for a bit. Thawing overnight or for too long can result in a mushy burrito, but can be done.

I also made the french toast. I have two huge freezer bags full and they are going fast :)

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  1. What a GREAT idea!!!! I am bookmarking this!!

  2. That looks like an excellent recipe! We'll be trying it soon, for sure!

  3. Don't you love those french toast sticks!?! I made ours with pumpkin puree and ME and the kids love them :) I'll have to try these for the next OAMC day. Easy breakfasts for the kids and it would be a great snack too!

  4. FABULOUS!! I am going to try these!! and the french toast too!!!

    Oh, and Congrats to you!! You were the WINNER of the Make Ahead Meals for Busy Mom's cookbook on!! Shoot me an email with your address so we can get it out to you!!