Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - I Used the Potty

Let me clarify, I always use the potty.....but out of nowhere, Little Bit used the potty for the first time (she really wanted on the big potty so luckily this little one was just under the bathroom sink). We couldn't get her out of the bathroom after that. She just wanted to keep sitting. SO different than the other two!

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  1. LOL You've got an actress in the making here. Fun pics. Isn't it great when our littlies acheieve something that helps us out?

    I'm insisting more that my 4 y/o doesn't rely on me to wipe her after every sitting, but only after peeing. She's doing great. I know a lot her age are adept at wiping themselves, but if it was poop, She'd be gagging so I'm happy to help with that one.


  2. What a great milestone to capture!!

  3. I hope we get to that point. We did but then she did not like it. We shall try again.

  4. That middle picture is priceless!