Saturday, July 7, 2012

Making Things for the Preschool Classroom

The minute school gets out I have a list of a dozen things I want to make for my classroom for next year.  Here are a few I have finished.

I love the Montessori Color Tablets because they have so many uses.  I've made my set with paint chips, trimmed and glued back to back so the same color is on both sides.  They will get laminated before use.  My students will start out practicing their visual discrimination, trying to put them in order, and learning what light and dark colors are.  They will be useful when teaching primary and secondary colors.

I got the idea for these craft stick barnyard animals from Make and Takes.  I'll use them in my barnyard sensory box.  Sensory boxes are another new thing I am doing this year.  I had a few very basic ones last year and the kids adored them.  I've been collecting things like mad to have one or two each month. 

Lots more to come.... 

On a side note, the spell check in Blogger isn't working.  Anyone else use Blogger and have this problem and know how to fix it?


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