Monday, September 5, 2011

Have You Ever Had a Fig?

I like to try new things so when Publix had their fresh figs BOGO it was time for me to try one. 

I bought two varieties because I had no idea what I was looking for or what the difference was between them.  Turns out the Kadota were much sweeter than the Brown Turkey.  I ate a few, and knowing we were going to be gone all weekend, decided to make a compote out of the rest.

I didn't use a recipe but know that balsamic vinegar is used in lots of fig recipes.  SOOOO.....I cut them up (left the skins on because they didn't seem to have a taste and they weren't tough), added a splash of balsamic, a little sugar, and a little lemon juice, then cooked them until they were the consistency I like when I add fruit to my slow cooker yogurt.  I like to make my own compotes because I can adjust the sugar.  I'm not big on store bought yogurt because even the stuff that should be good for you is so sweet.

It turned out really good and I had enough to put a jar in the freezer for later.  I love how the little seeds add a tiny bit of a crunch. 

Have you ever tried figs?  If so, how did you have them? 


  1. looks super yummy!!! i've never eaten a fig, but one of my favorite poems is the first fig by edna st. vincent millay. so I've had a fig in literary form :)

  2. No lie.... figs creep me out. Idk. Maybe it's the name? Maybe I am just weird!? ;)

  3. I love figs and your compote looks great!