Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ice Fun with a little bit of Learning

Want the kids to spend over an hour outside with some creative and intriguing play? 
1.  Freeze blocks of ice in a variety of containers.
2.  Place ice blocks in pans with sides.
3.  Fill empty egg carton with water and food coloring (you may have to refill as the hour goes on).
4.  Let kids pour salt all over ice (or mix salt into food coloring).
5.  Give them eye droppers and let them play around with the salt, ice and colors.

Casually bring up that salt lowers the melting point of water.The salt creates groves or tunnels in the ice as it melts, which the colors help you see.   Show them that red and blue make purple....that the ice in the metal pan mets quicker than the one in the glass pan....that the one drop of blue can contaminte the entire thing of yellow....that you better ask before putting colors on your sister's sculpture.  You get the idea.  Expand it, use it to teach.  Science right before your eyes!

What other ideas for learning fun do you have?

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