Friday, April 29, 2011

Kid Friendly Friday - Letter Matching

We have had this Leap Frog letter toy for years and I finally got it out for Little Bit. She liked hearing the letter sounds (A says a, A says a, Every letter makes a sound, A say a and A) but doesn't keep her attention for long. She isn't really at that stage yet.

SOOOO, instead we are using the letters for letter identification and matching. On the side of a file cabinet I taped a big piece of paper, traced the pieces and wrote in the letters.

We take all the letters off and I hand her letters one by one, telling her the name, have her repeat it, then she matches the letter and puts it on the chart. She LOVES it. We have to do it multiple times each time. Her big sisters can do it with her as well. After just one day she has gotten quicker and even knows some letter names before I say them.

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  1. How clever! When she masters them, will you make a new page with lowercase letters?

    Love your blog!!

  2. Very cute idea. We have those letters. Might have to try this!