Friday, February 4, 2011

When Little Hands Snatch the Camera

Here is what I find....

And about 100 others pretty much just like it :)


  1. Same thing here too. Every once in awhile there is a good picture on there, but more often than not I find pics of people's nostrils or of the toilet. Funny thing....the girls took a bunch of pictures at my IL's house last summer when we were there one weekend. A couple of weeks later their house was destroyed in a tornado. Those goofy, fuzzy, random pictures are the last images we have. Suddenly, something I might've deleted without thinking twice became something I can't bring myself to delete.

  2. I found some on the video recorder last week. Somehow Hunter figured out how to switch it from video to still photographs...there were about 10 of just my purse! cute!