Monday, January 10, 2011


Today is back to school for the entire family. We have been off for 19 days :) It was a great break. Having the entire family home is one of the huge benefits of both being teachers.

(Stephen M. Dowell, Orlando Sentinel / January 8, 2011)
Despite the huge crowd, I actually remember this guy in the Tinkerbell costume.
The half marathon went really well. Disney does everything over the top so each wave of runners started with some pretty nice fireworks. And with Disney, of course, there were a TON of people (27, 300 runners). There was not a spot in the course where it wasn't crowded. I finished in 2:03 which was only an hour behind the winner. LOL. I cannot even fathom how fast you have to run to make a time of 1:05. That is awesome! Without training I did a lot better than I thought. Only a few minutes behind my time when I did train. The person who I ran with was a great motivator and pacer. After I hit the wall at mile 10 (seriously, my legs were lead at this point) I made him go without me after mile 11.5. He finish in 1:59 but his time didn't register. We don't think his time chip was on correctly. That stinks! All-in-all it was a huge success and a great way to start off the year.

I am helping a friend with a non-profit newsletter on Blogger so I got to work with the newer version of Blogger. I love the new one (posting, editing, etc.) so much more than the old version I am using. Anyone know how to move my blog into the new Blogger format??

Thanks to Kim at The Misadventures of Mub who let me know that the "new Blogger" that I liked is really Blogger in Draft. You can select this mode from your dashboard (at the bottom).

I am going to start tracking my caloric intake for a few weeks and see where my biggest hang-ups are. I'm such an emotional eater (and big time snacker) and end up eating too much. I tried out several programs and decided that Calorie Count was the best fit for me. It is easy to find and input foods, input your own recipes, adjust the serving size and gives you a lot of feedback. It tells you which nutrients you are lacking (or have too much of) and suggests ways to get more of them. There is an amazing amount of information for a free program. I am in no way affiliated with the program - I just thinks it's a great tool!

I am loving the randomness of our weather. There are days where you need a sweater and days where shorts and flip flops are appropriate. Mixes things up a bit! (And who am I kidding, I think flip flops are appropriate in any weather where there is not snow on the ground).

I had a great list going of weekly blog hops, memes, and carnivals that I hadn't looked at in a REALLY long time; Until yesterday, when My Adventures In Mommyland asked about adding her to the list with her Mommy Mondays blog hop. Thanks for reminding me that when I get in a blogging funk there are a ton of great hops out there to motivate me!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. I'm not 100% sure what you mean by the new blogger but I use the "draft" dashboard and it offers quite a few more options. Try and see if that does what you're hoping =D

  2. You did the half marathon?!?! That is so awesome!! I hope to be able to run that sometime this year or next! I love doing 5k's but have never tried going further than 3 miles...the thought scares me!!!

    Great job though :)

  3. I had no idea you were a teacher. I did some research on adding new fonts to my blog. Blogger has a dashboard that has all of the new fonts, there are a ton. However my blogger tools don't have the new fonts and I only started my blog like 4 or 5 months ago. So while I understand what you are talking about, I don't know how to do it, and the blogger help pages didn't really help beyond showing me a whole bunch of cool stuff I can't use! Great job on your healthy lifestyle!