Sunday, January 2, 2011

Great Gifts! GEO Puzzles

I never took a world geography class and wish I had. One of the goals I have is to teach my girls geography. I don't think they'll get enough of it in school and since I would like to know more myself, this is a great opportunity. Last year we started with where WE are...Earth - Northern Hemisphere - North America - United States of America - Florida - county - city - subdivision - street address. We received world map place mats last year and the girls love to locate different countries. It was right after the earthquake in Haiti and it was eye opening for the girls to see where Haiti was in relationship to Florida.

This Christmas we received these continent puzzles. I love these puzzles! Each piece is a different country. While they are not easy to put together (because the pieces are based on geography and are not interlocking) they are a fun way to get familiar with countries. Even just reading the names is a great start. There are ones that we never hear of and there are ones that we say, "Oh, so that's where ____ is at!". I am going to try to do these each month on my own so I can learn them.


  1. Oh fun... I'd like these for myself *L*

  2. What a fun gift idea!! I remember as a kid my sister recv'd a wooden puzzle of the United States as a gift and still to this day (almost 30 years later) it is still a favorite at my parent's house...just know it's with the Grandkids!!

    Big Hugs!! Carrie

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