Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa Funnies

Last night our neighborhood had our Christmas party where Santa arrives on a firetruck then hands out presents to all of the kids.

Little Bit was enthralled at all that was happening. The lights and the firetruck lit up her eyes and she asked a million questions about why it was on our block (she was even talking about the firetruck in her sleep last night). Santa came down from the truck and she waved furiously and called out for Santa repeatedly. It was all very cute.

Then comes her turn to sit on his lap. She was reluctant at first but right when she did, and Santa asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she told him boldly, "A PUPPY!". Our neighbor was Santa and looked at me, knowing there was no puppy in her future. He told her maybe it was best that she played with the puppy at the house next door. Nice recovery - quick thinking!

When she got down from his lap and was handed a very small gift bag, her eyes got super wide and she turned to me and asked me, "Is the puppy in THERE??!!!??".

Oh, so sorry sweet girl. Maybe next year.

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