Thursday, December 30, 2010


We heard Little Bit sneeze a few times in the back seat and before we could say anything, she did it herself. "Bless me. Bless me."

She got an MP3 player for Christmas. Got her sippy cup and her rocking headphones. She's loving it.

Mimi has a style all her own. Darling Christmas outfit, complete with sparkly shoes and mismatched Hello Kitty socks.

Yesterday, the older girls and I helped clean out the costume and prop room at the theater which they perform. We helped for several hours. This morning they begged for me to take them back today so they could help more. I love that they have a heart to serve!

In the cooking section of the paper today was an article on Gougeres, which are savory cream puffs. The writer did a great job because I am on my way out to get Gruyere so I can try them. The hook for me was that they freeze well and can be popped in the oven anytime. Anyone made these before? I'll let you know how it goes ~

The beds that my dad planted while he was here a few weeks ago are producing the first seedlings. I was scared that our hard freeze was going to wipe them out but I guess covering them did the job. In one bed everything has come up - swiss chard, radishes, mescluin, and peas. In the other bed, nothing yet. In the third bed, Little Bit and I just planted a TON of flower seeds. Can't wait to see if they will grow.

The Vikings actually WON a game last night with Joe Webb (who is this?) at quarterback. Good to see. Good to see.


  1. Sarah, I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and have a great New Year. I look forward to the post you share with us on Gougeres. You will right ;-)? I have never even heard of them. Your garden is going to be great, I'm sure. I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous of it! Thank you Sarah, for knowing you in this virtual world has been an honor.

  2. So cute! Let me know about those puffs, sounds fabulous!