Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween - Cira 1976, 1978

My mom just sent these to me. I am Chewbacka and my brother, Darth Vader. We played with those masks forever. Awesome!
Don't you love the bunny costume? Reminds me of Ralphie in the Christmas Story. LOL - I can't imagine my brother was too happy about keeping his arms straight out all night. How did he carry his trick or treat bag?

I also have vivid memories of my brother dressing up as a devil and my mom putting coffee grounds on his face for a beard (which he did NOT like). I was happy I was an angel that year.


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  1. Sarah! I love those photos and costumes! They instantly produced flashbacks in my mind from my own childhood Halloween costumes and those of all my brothers! Thanks for sharing your blast from the past. May the force be with you this Halloween!

  2. Oh I love looking at old Halloween pictures! The costumes are always classic.