Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Far Away Place Logo

The Ukraine mission trip I went on this summer left a huge impression on many of us but none more than my friends Michelle and Hannah, that were led to start the organization Far Away Place. Their goal is to move to Ukraine (as soon as next summer!) to start a half-way type house for orphans that age out of the system. It just so happened that we were placed in the groups of kids that are almost at that point. It's hard to imagine a 16 year old, with little to no life skills, be put out to fend for themselves in the world. Here is their mission statement.

They're called children with no prospects,
not trainable, not treatable!

Far Away Place – Project Ukraine, is a transitional home which helps teen-orphans through health care programs; food and nutritional aid; educational opportunities; life skills training and mentoring; and teen-orphan advocacy.

We minister to teenagers who will age out of the Ukrainian orphanages by providing a stable-loving home. While living in our home, they will be taught life skills on topics such as identity, social Skills, health and hygiene, love, sex and marriage, time and money management and about the love Jesus Christ has for them. We desire to help them become better equipped to handle everyday life activities while also dealing with the everyday pressures of life. At Far Away Place we bring hope and education to the older orphans.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to help others that might not get help.