Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thousand Word Thursday - I Want to Clean

To clarify, I never want to clean.....but Little Bit really wants to clean. Good luck with getting that to stick! While I am on the phone she sees the opportunity to grab the spray bottle and rag (and taunts me a bit).....
and runs out the door.

I find her at her Little People table pretending to clean. She must have watched me (and is obviously a very quick learner because she doesn't see me do this often).

Getting her cleaning groove on.

And a bad hair day.

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  1. Too cute!!! When she starts to grow out of wanting to clean, just tell her she isn't allowed because it's your job and you're having too much fun and she will want back in! :D at least it worked on Kidlet lol

  2. So sweet. congrats on your award too.

  3. How cute! Encourage her while she likes it -- maybe it will stick!

  4. Oh my. If she isn't the cutest thing... You are so blessed!