Thursday, October 29, 2009

FNCCC Assignment #10 - Clair Robinson

As much as I like Food Network, I have never seen her show (or heard of any of the chefs featured this month). "Claire Robinson combines her passions for food and television in 5 Ingredient Fix, a new Food Network series featuring delicious eclectic recipes made with five ingredients or fewer. " However, this sounds right up my alley so I'll be tuning in to see what I can find out. Five ingredients just can't be beat :) We'll be posting recipes from her on November 4, 2009.
Just FYI - the link to Claire's recipes might not be working - they have been having some glitches. Instead you may do a search useing a chef’s name in quotations, and make sure to switch the search box focus from “entire site” to “recipes”. Hope this works!


  1. I really like 5 Ingredient Fix! It's a great one! You should most certainly check it out

  2. I won't be posting one of her recipes next week. I'm taking a bit of a cooking/blogging hiatus. I have some recipes I've been meaning to post scheduled and ready to go but I just won't have time between now and then to make and post about something from her list. So, make something good for me, kay?

  3. I'll be joining in...missed it last week!